Drew Cooper & Anding Blog

Our attorneys write about issues that matter to our clients.

Drew Cooper & Anding Blog

Our attorneys write about issues that matter to our clients.


Man Signing a Contract

The Importance of Having a Written Contract

If you own a business, you likely enter into contracts all the time. Whether you’re forming or expanding your business, hiring a new employee, or selling your products or services, your business probably enters into ...
Open for Business Sign

Lack of Reasonable Reliance as a Defense for Business Misrepresentation

Even the best businesses are susceptible to claims of misrepresentation, especially when selling goods or property. But there are defenses available for businesses facing this type of claim in Michigan. One defense against a misrepresentation ...
Sawing Wood

Non-Compete Agreements: Are they Enforceable for Low-Wage Employees?

What are non-compete agreements? Michigan and other states recognize that businesses have a legitimate interest in protecting confidential proprietary information. Reasonable non-competition agreements (“non-competes”) are one tool for protecting that type of information. Many employers ...
Garnishment Served

Were You Just Served with Garnishment Paperwork in Michigan?

What is garnishment, anyway? Garnishment is a way that judgment creditors can legally recover money awarded to them by a court. The most common type of garnishment is wage garnishment. Wage garnishment occurs only after ...
Cars and Trucks on a Freeway

Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Trucking accidents are inevitable The American economy runs on its highways. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that about 65% of all freight travels by truck on America’s roads. That’s more than twice the amount ...
Man Entering a Fraudulent Transaction

Fraud and Misrepresentation

At some point nearly everyone has been on the wrong end of a bad deal. But how do we know if we were the victim of fraud? How do we protect ourselves? What is Fraud? ...
Home Invasion

Damages for Conversion Vary Under Michigan Law

Pursuing Litigation for Civil Theft “Conversion” is a civil cause of action that is similar to the criminal cause of action for “theft.” Conversion claims are filed in civil court as a means of recovering ...
Michigan License Plate

Protect Yourself Before Purchasing a New or Used Car

Unfortunately, buying a car can be a stressful experience. Consumers may feel overmatched when negotiating with experienced dealership salesman. We all know that saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. ...
Businessman Standing

How Charging Orders Might Protect You From Your Co-Owner’s Personal Debts

Asset protection can be a major challenge when personal and business worlds collide. What if, for instance, your business partner is found liable to pay a judgment arising from personal debt? If your business entity ...
College Students at Graduation

Student Loan Collections

Thousands of college graduates—out of school for ten years or more—have recently been sued by a student loan company previously unknown to them. Most of these graduates are completely surprised when they are served with ...