Sexual Abuse & Assault Attorneys in Grand Rapids

Sexual Abuse & Assault Attorneys in Grand Rapids

Assisting Victims of Sexual Abuse & Assault Throughout Michigan

Your voice matters. Your story and experiences are unique. The misguided belief that sexual abuse, assault, and harassment only happens to certain people and only under certain circumstances is not only wrong, but can be damaging. The settings in which sexual abuse and assaults occur and the people that perpetrate these crimes vary widely. From schools, to the workplace, to church and religious organizations, from sports and recreational activities, to child care and adult care, sexual abuse can unfold and develop over long periods of time or can be a one-time occurrence. In any event, and under any circumstance, the trauma is an individual experience with lasting effects.

Whether you want to seek justice for yourself or a family member, or ensure that what occurred doesn't happen to someone else, you're not alone. Talk to Drew Cooper & Anding to explore your options from a compassionate, judgment-free legal perspective.

Recognizing Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

While some abusers may be strangers, others may be friends, acquaintances, people in positions of authority, co-workers, community members, or even relatives.

Common behaviors among sexual abusers include:

  • Some abusers, such as doctors, coaches, boy or girl scout leaders, clergy members, or teachers take advantage of their positions of authority and power by making victims feel they have no other option but to accept the abuse.
  • Abusers may attempt to silence victims by telling them that they won't be believed if they report the abuse and assault. Habitual predators may also have accomplices who help them maintain harmful cultures of silence.
  • Sexual abuse perpetrators often use grooming techniques such as asking victims to keep secrets, offering gifts, providing preferential treatment, and other acts that are designed to gain trust over time.
  • A sexual predator may be a repeat offender who victimizes others believing that they can get away with it. These predators may be the subject of prior complaints, yet still repeatedly abuse others and avoid detection because people are fearful of the potential repercussions associated with coming forward.

What to do if You've Been Sexually Abused or Assaulted

Life can be challenging for those who have been affected by sexual abuse and sexual assault. Because sexual abuse and assault can be incredibly traumatic, the mental and emotional affects can be wide ranging if left unaddressed and can negatively impact a survivor’s day-to-day life. If you or someone you know is experiencing anxiety, depression, nightmares, eating disorders, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, or having difficulty with relationships or with responsibilities at school or work, there are resources and organizations that can provide meaningful assistance. And in some situations, with the help of experienced legal counsel, action can be taken.

We Will Fight on Your Behalf

Attorneys Stephen R. Drew and Adam C. Sturdivant have relentlessly pursued justice for survivors and have successfully litigated sexual harassment and abuse cases against individuals and institutions, both large and small in Grand Rapids, Michigan and beyond. Skillfully navigating the complexities of these cases, the lawyers at Drew Cooper & Anding have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of their clients. As legal advocates with the passion and experience required to help survivors, they have dedicated their careers fighting for civil rights and standing up for those who have been wronged or injured.

Whether seeking justice for yourself or ensuring that what previously occurred does not happen to someone else in the future, you are not alone. Contact Drew Cooper & Anding to learn more about your options and taking the first steps toward justice.

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