Banking Disputes and Lender Liability

Banking Disputes and Lender Liability

Banking disputes can arise from nearly any banking transaction, including deposits, accounts, loans, and more. It is possible for lenders to be held liable for issues such as breach of contract, tortious interference, fraud, or other wrongful conduct. In other cases, lenders are not liable and can successfully defend against a plaintiff’s claims.

Banks or other financial lenders or providers are required to fulfill certain obligations and act in good faith. When a financial provider fails to do so, the need may arise to address a banking dispute in court or pursue a lender liability claim. Individuals and businesses may also take action against a lender where a lender’s employee has overreached or abused their position by engaging in fraud, tortious interference, or other improper conduct.

Our Experience with Banking Disputes and Lender Liability

The attorneys of Drew Cooper & Anding have years of experience representing plaintiffs in banking disputes and litigation. We have represented both individuals and businesses against wrongful banking practices by holding lenders accountable for their wrongful actions. Our attorneys have assisted plaintiffs:

  • Reduce a deficiency for a guarantor in a case where the bank had received three different appraisals for a piece of business real estate, and then took the lowest appraisal as the “fair market value.”
  • In a bankruptcy case, recoup monies from a large bank, where the bank had turned a blind eye to the fraud committed by one of its customers, to the expense of other creditors.
  • After a trial, had a court determine that a bank breached its contract where it allowed an unauthorized person to request advances on a line of credit.

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