Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes

A contract is a legally binding agreement between parties. Contracts are fundamental to business at every level, from employment and sales contracts all the way to merger & acquisition agreements. Contract disputes arise when one party breaches the contract by failing to fulfill their promises, or when one or both parties dispute the existence of an agreement or a portion of an agreement. Unfortunately, contract disputes and breaches are common but serious issues. These types of disputes require prompt legal counsel and care.

Our Approach to Contract Disputes

The attorneys of Drew Cooper & Anding handle negotiations for, and litigate, many types of business and employment contracts. We have represented businesses, business owners, and business professionals in contract disputes.  Our lawyers can help you understand your rights with regard to breaches, disagreements, and questions about your contract.

Our lawyers can assist with:

  • Employment contracts
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Confidentiality and trade secret agreements
  • Business debts and lender agreements
  • Automotive or other supply contracts
  • Service contracts
  • Sales agreements
  • Other business contracts

Because every contract is different, it’s important to hire an experienced attorney who can understand the nuances of your contract dispute. Drew Cooper & Anding helps clients protect their rights and navigate the complexities of their case.

Proven Experience in Contract Disputes for Different Industries

Drew Cooper & Anding handles breach of contract lawsuits and other complex business torts involving many different types of industries and companies. Our clients have included:

  • Small businesses
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Automotive companies, including tier 2 and 3 suppliers

We take pride in addressing even the most complex contract disputes, pursuing alternate conflict resolutions as well as litigation strategies to find your best-case resolution.

Our firm offers a track record of success in handling contract dispute lawsuits. Successful cases our firm has taken to trial include:

  • Venture v Autoliv, (USDC ED Mich 2004) [RESULT: $27.5M VERDICT]
  • Prime Financial v Bank One (Mich) [RESULT: $1.2M VERDICT]
  • In Re: Teleservices, Debtor, M. Meoli, Trustee v HNB (USBC WD Mich Adv Proc. 2011) [RESULT: $72.4M VERDICT]

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